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Girls in space

18/11/2013 18:07
Veronika-OŠ Poljane, 5.b razred.pdf (1596925)

National Geographic (Slovene edition): The Extreme Environment's Physiologist

15/01/2013 00:00
Professor Igor B. Mekjavič, from the Istitute Jozef Stefan, has immense knowledge about the effects of cold and hot conditions, air pressure, low oxygen and reduced gravity on the human body. As the coordinator of The PlanHab Project in Planica, he places Slovenia on the map of space medicine...

Jutarnji list (Croatia): The most extraordinary experiment in Europe

04/11/2012 22:11
A most unusual mission in Planica, Slovenia, with its exploration of combination of microgravity/weightlessness and hypoxia, has provoked big interest in scientific and military circles around the world.     0411MAGA1042ACOFM-1.pdf (2,3 MB) 0411MAGA1043ACOFM-1.pdf (2,2 MB)

Nedelo (Slovenia): Simulation of Space

21/10/2012 22:15
Slovenia could profit from the unique scientific laboratory where scientists investigate the combined effects of hypoxia and sustained recumbency (bedrest) on human physiological systems.     Planica_Nedelo_21-10-2012_1.pdf (300,2 kB) Planica_Nedelo_21-10-2012_2.pdf (233,1 kB)

D 43: Advisory Committee - minutes of meeting held on Oct. 9, 2012

10/10/2012 22:49
D 43 Advisory Committee Meeting.docx (831130)

D 1: List and description of recruited subjects

19/09/2012 08:53
D1 Subject recruitement.docx (4409404)

D39: Website

16/09/2012 21:57
PlanHab website ( posted.

D38: Dissemination Action Plan

16/09/2012 20:21
D 38-Dissemination Plan.docx (100201)

Preliminary time schedule for campaign 1

16/09/2012 14:46
In the MEMBERS ONLY section (under Capaign schedules) we have posted the preliminary time schedule for the first campaign. This is now being finalised to include ALL subjects by September 20, 2012. The present schedule is for two subjects only, so that it is easier to see the daily tasks. 

Website corrections/updates/uploads etc.

16/09/2012 14:13

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