Ola Eiken

Ola Eiken, M.D., Ph.D., is the Head of the Department of Environmental Physiology at KTH. During the last 10 years Ola Eiken’s research focus has been mainly on cardiovascular, respiratory and vestibular functions as influenced by increased gravitoinertial loading and simulated microgravity. In collaboration with Igor Mekjavic, he also conducts research concerning both temperature regulation and long-term effects of hypoxia. In 2001, Igor Mekjavic and Ola Eiken initiated the bedrest research program in the Orthopaedic Hospital Valdoltra, Sloveina. Since 2006, Ola Eiken is a member of the European Space Agency Bed Rest Steering Committee, and since 2009 he coordinates the ESA Topical Team on Lunar Habitat Simulations. Ola Eiken has >200 research publications of which >80 are published in peer reviewed journals.