Marianna Laviola

-Master Degree in Biomedical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano (april 2009)

-PhD in Bioenginnering at Politecnico di Milano (april 2013)

Marianna is a Bioengineering post doc at Politecnico di Milano. Her work regards the development of innovative methods to study non invasively  diaphragm mechanics in healthy and disease. The analysis  is focused on diaphragmatic function and based on two different techniques: ultrasonography and opto-electronic pletysmography (OEP). In particular, Marianna studies diaphragmatic thickness and excursion  by ultrasound and displacement and volume variations of thoraco-abdominal wall and its compartments (pulmonary rib cage, abdominal rib cage and abdomen) by OEP in healthy and various pathologic subjects.