Universita degi Studi di Udine (UniUdi)

The Department of Science and Biomedical Technologies belongs to the School of Medicine of the University of Udine. The main research groups (total number of scientists about 60) are in the field of exercise physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, biophysics, genetics, pathology, immunology, surgery. The Department has a PhD program with 25 students enrolled. The Laboratory of Exercise Physiology of the Department, established by Prof. Pietro Enrico di Prampero, now Professor Emeritus (he is also a member of the Advisory Committee), is recognized internationally in the fields of bioenergetics, biomechanics, sports medicine, exercise and environmental physiology. The lab has a long-standing experience in the study of the physiological adaptations to hypoxia (e.g., participation in several scientific expeditions in the Himalayas), space (e.g. participation in several EuroMir, Mir and Space Shuttle campaigns), bedrest (e.g. participation in the Valdoltra 2006-2008 bedrest campaigns, in collaboration with several of the project partners). Some of the proposed work will be conducted in collaboration with researchers from the Institute of Bioimaging and Molecular Physiology, National Research Council, Milano (Italy).

Bruno Grassi, MD PhD, is Associate Professor of Physiology at the School of Medicine, University of Udine. He has worked in the past for the National Research Council of Italy, the University of Milano (Italy), the University of Geneva (Switzerland), the University of California San Diego (USA). He has participated in two Scientific Expeditions to the Ev-K2-CNR Pyramid Laboratory, near Mt. Everest’s base camp, and in the bedrest campaigns in Valdoltra.