The PlanHab project has raised much interest among the Slovene media. The scientific research being carried out within the framework of the PlanHab project at  the Olympic Sport Centre Planica has been featured in many news and magazine articleses, television and radio shows. In addition to offering insight into the scientific experiments taking place within our Planetary Habitat Simulation, popular news media coverage also offers the general public interesting information about current projects from the European Space Agency, and acts as a way to access information from the multidisciplinary European research highlighted within other Framework FP7 projects.

All the distinguished Slovene daily newspapers have published lengthy articles about PlanHab. The Slovenian National TV network "TV Slovenija" has also produced two television shows on the work done in Planica. In addition, it has produced a 50-minute TV documentary about PlanHab, and the research which goes on here.

Under this MEDIA tab you can find an information leaflet with basic descriptions of the research project PlanHab. 

We will gladly answer any questions regarding the PlanHab project, or coordinate a visit to the research complex at Planica if you would like to produce your own media article or broadcast.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our media consultant and public relations officer, Mr. Gorazd Suhadolnik (E: / T:+386 51 615 263).