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National Geographic (Slovene edition): The Extreme Environment's Physiologist

15/01/2013 00:00
Professor Igor B. Mekjavič, from the Istitute Jozef Stefan, has immense knowledge about the effects of cold and hot conditions, air pressure, low oxygen and reduced gravity on the human body. As the coordinator of The PlanHab Project in Planica, he places Slovenia on the map of space medicine...

Jutarnji list (Croatia): The most extraordinary experiment in Europe

04/11/2012 22:11
A most unusual mission in Planica, Slovenia, with its exploration of combination of microgravity/weightlessness and hypoxia, has provoked big interest in scientific and military circles around the world.     0411MAGA1042ACOFM-1.pdf (2,3 MB) 0411MAGA1043ACOFM-1.pdf (2,2 MB)

Nedelo (Slovenia): Simulation of Space

21/10/2012 22:15
Slovenia could profit from the unique scientific laboratory where scientists investigate the combined effects of hypoxia and sustained recumbency (bedrest) on human physiological systems.     Planica_Nedelo_21-10-2012_1.pdf (300,2 kB) Planica_Nedelo_21-10-2012_2.pdf (233,1 kB)

Manager (Slovenia): Environment as the third element

06/06/2012 22:23
Professor Igor B. Mekjavič is one of the most successful Slovenian scientists within his scientific field, environmental physiology, yet is quite unknown inside his homeland.     MN-_22_24.pdf (204848)

Finance Weekend (Slovenia): Slovene people on the Moon and Mars

11/11/2011 18:40
How does a subject experience the trials lying all day for three weeks in a hypoxic room?    FinanceWeekend.pdf (722172)  

Dnevnik Objektiv (Slovenia): A Problem of weight loss in Space

01/10/2011 18:39
It is not only the weight loss, but a whole array of medical risks which human beings are being exposed to during longer stays in the Space. Experimental trials in Planica are trying to define these risk, and think about counter-measures to prevent these medical problems. objektiv.pdf (674163)

Delo Sobotna (Slovenia): Lying for a cause

26/08/2011 18:18
The Olympic Sport Centre Planica could become a regional centre for research infrastructure - knowledge translation  from laboratories to clinical practice, industry, and to the end-users.   Sobotna1.pdf (1592486) Sobotna2.pdf (302 kB)) Sobotna3.pdf (726351)

Delo Znanost (Slovenia): You have landed on the planet Planica

26/05/2011 18:15
Hypoxia facility at the Olympic Sport Centre Planica became Planetary Habitat Simulation in which European researchers perform experimental trials with hypoxic bedrest.   DeloZnanost11.pdf (735963)

Planet (Slovenia): Space research in Planica

18/04/2011 18:44
We do not know a lot about the health problems a human would experience during a longer stay/living on the Moon. How can these space research findings help specific patients on Earth?

Delo Znanost (Slovenia): From Planica to K2 and to the Moon

18/06/2009 15:09
The Olympic Sport Centre Planica, which is well known for the hypoxic training of elite athletes, is becoming the scientific scene of bedrest studies. DeloZnanost09.pdf (197747)

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