Planica, Slovenia

Planica is an alpine valley in northwestern Slovenia, extending south from the tri-border between Italy, Austria and Slovenia, near the village of Rateče. To the south, the valley extends into the Tamar Valley, a popular hiking destination in the Triglav National Park.

Planica is famous for ski jumping, or rather ski flying. The first ski jump was constructed before 1930 at the slope of Mount Ponca. In 1934, Stanko Bloudek built a larger ski jump, known as the "Bloudek Giant". The first ski jump over 100 m was achieved in Planica in 1936 by Sepp Bradl (Austria). At the time, this was the biggest ski jump in the world.

In 1969, a new K-185 hill, Letalnica Bratov Gorišek, was built by Lado and Janez Gorišek. Between 1985, when Matti Nykänen flew 191 m, and 2011, new world records have always been set at Planica rather than any other ski jumping hill (e.g., Kulm in AustriaHarrachov in the Czech Republic,Oberstdorf in Germany, or Vikersundbakken in Norway). After its 2010 rebuilding, Vikersundbakken is the biggest hill in the world, and the current world record was set there.

In 1994, Toni Nieminen of Finland was the first ski jumper in history to jump over 200 m. The hill record is 239 m, set by Bjørn Einar Romøren of Norwayin March 2005, which at the time was a world record.

The ski jumping infrastructure was recently completely renovated and the old K-130 hill was rebuilt. After the 2012/13 season is finished, works wills start on the K-185 hill making it the biggest ski jumping hill in the world once again. The first two hills have been completed.

A Nordic Centre Planica is now being developed with the assistance of European Regional Development Funds. It will include a several ski jumps, traning centre, cross country ski course, etc. The Olympic Sport Centre Planica was built in 2007 with the aid of these funds.

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