Laboratory facility

The laboratory within the Olympic Sport Centre comprises research equipment that can assess:

• Aerobic capacity:  Maximal oxygen uptake is assessed during either cylcling on a cycle ergometer or running on a treadmill, using an on-line breath-by-breath metabolic analyser. Tissue oxygenation is performed with near infrared spretroscopy (NIRS). 

• Pulmonary function

• Muscle strength: Dynamometry (Biodex)

• Body composition: Dual energy X-ray absorption

• Bone density: pQCT

• Haematology: 

• Cardiovascular function: 

• Thermoregulatory function: Autonomic (sweating, vasomotor tone, shivering) thermoregulatory function can be assessed during exercise, immersion and sleep. Behavioural thermoregulatory function is assessed using a water-perfused suit. 

• Nutrition: 

• Sleep analysis

• Ophthalmology