WP 1: Hypoxia Facility

WP1 (Leader: Dr. Eiken) deals with the overall performance of the study interventions, as well as collecting the basic core data which will be used by the other workpackages. PlanHab will be conducted using intra-individual comparisons, a cross-over design comprising of three 21-day interventions: 1) normoxic horizontal bedrest, 2) hypoxic horizontal bedrest, 3) hypoxic ambulatory confinement. These interventions will be preceded by a 1-week baseline period and a 4-month recovery period between testing periods.


                                                          1: Prepare the hypoxic facility for experimental campaigns

                                                            2: Establish a data storage and management system

                                                      3: Arrange and conduct experimental campaigns for WPs 2 to 6

                                                 4: Collect, analyse and archive the basic core data required by all WPs